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The 7 Ingredients of a Quality Tarot Reader

It seems like everyone online is reading Tarot Cards- and that's great! That being said, before you step into a tarot reading, you should have full confidence in your reader. Tarot isn't a toy, and deserves the professionalism and respect that it deserves. Tarot reading is an art form blending the four elements - it takes a high level of passion, intuition, professionalism, and intelligence to start charging clients.

If you're curious about what separates a quality tarot reader from the rest, pull up a chair! Here are seven of my essential ingredients that make ta quality tarot reader:

1. Knowledge and Know-How: Let's start with the basics. A quality tarot reader truly knows their stuff. They've delved deep into the history of tarot, they can explain the symbolism behind each card, and they've got more interpretations up their sleeve than you've got favorite songs on your favourite Spotify playlist.

2. Gut Feelings and Heartstrings: Intuition is key for a quality tarot reading. Sure, most tarot decks come with a little white book, but a professional reader should also have an intuition or 'sixth sense' that's tuned into your vibes and can connect with the cards on a whole other level to answer your specific questions.

3. Playing by the Rules (and Ethics!): Quality tarot readers play by a code of ethics. Not all questions are suitable to be answered by the Tarot, and your reader should feel confident to create strong boundaries with certain topics. Your secrets should stay safe with them, they shouldn't manipulate you for a quick buck, and they should be all about helping, not harming. Check out my code of ethics here.

4. Talk the Talk: Ever had someone explain something to you in a way that makes you go, "Ah-ha!"? That's the kind of clarity a top-notch tarot reader brings to the table. They can translate the mysterious cards into the most simplistic terms so you can truly grasp what's going on.

5. No Judgment Zone: Got a quirky question or a unique concern? A quality tarot reader is like a judgment-free zone. They respect your individuality and are here to guide, not to judge.

6. Always Growing: The best tarot readers are always evolving and working on their own practice constantly. They're on a journey of personal growth, constantly working on themselves so they can offer you the best possible guidance.

7. Authenticity is Key: Lastly, great tarot readers are as real as they come. They don't put on a show; they're genuine, and they bring their true selves to every reading. You won't find any pretense here - theatricality, perhaps, but never pretense!

How to Vet Tarot Readers: Asking the Right Questions

Now that you know what makes a tarot reader truly great, you might be wondering how to find one who ticks all the boxes. Well, it's all about asking the right questions. Here are some quality questions to vet tarot readers and ensure they possess the seven essential ingredients we've discussed:

1. "Can you tell me about your tarot journey and training?"

  • A quality tarot reader should have a background in tarot studies and training. Ask about their journey to gauge their knowledge and expertise.

2. "How do you use intuition in your readings?"

  • Intuition is a vital ingredient. They should be able to explain how they incorporate their intuitive insights into their readings.

3. "What ethical guidelines do you follow in your tarot practice?"

  • A good tarot reader adheres to a code of ethics. They should be able to articulate their commitment to client confidentiality, honesty, and integrity.

4. "Can you provide an example of a reading where you helped a client gain clarity?"

  • This question gauges their ability to communicate effectively and provide practical guidance.

5. "How do you create a safe and non-judgmental space for clients?"

  • A quality tarot reader should be able to explain their approach to making clients feel comfortable sharing their concerns.

6. "How do you continue to grow and improve as a tarot reader?"

  • Look for their commitment to personal development and ongoing learning.

7. "What does authenticity mean to you in your tarot practice?"

  • Their answer should reflect their dedication to being genuine and true to themselves.

By asking these questions, you'll be better equipped to vet tarot readers and ensure they possess the essential ingredients that make a quality tarot reading experience. Remember, it's all about finding a reader who resonates with you and aligns with your values.

If you are looking for a Tarot Reader who embodies all of the above, then look no further. Try my Tarot Taster Session and let's work together! I'd love to see what they cards have in store for you!

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