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Intuitive Coaching

Intuitive Coaching

Working with a coach is an incredible investment, especially if you are a self-employed business or a Creative. Having someone invest their time, their energy, and their skills into providing strategies for you to succeed can have a huge impact in your wellness, your motivation, and your intuition.

As an Intuitive Coach, my work revolves around identifying patterns of behaviour that are fuelling procrastination, negative self-talk, and stagnant energy and helping to shift those energies and change clients' perspectives towards a clearer and more beneficial path. Using a mixture of traditional Life Coaching techniques, alongside Tarot and Astrology, I have devised a unique strategy for clients to access their hidden depths and take them from a place of "existence" to "thriving."


As a fellow performer, I felt you truly understood my trials and tribulations with the industry, and making that connection with you was reassuring.

The atmosphere was warm and comfortable and I felt completely safe and at ease to discuss personal things with you. 

The overall experience was lighthearted and fun. I felt spirit! You provided a really supportive service that was equally healing as it was awakening.

Sophie P

Marc is a one-of-a-kind, truly gifted teacher/tarot reader/spiritual healer. He pulls from so many sources making his course unique, rich and exciting.

I learnt so much about myself in his safe, respectful and loving environment.

At the end of each session, I felt rejuvenated and full of possibilities. I'm so happy and grateful for the opportunity of working with Marc!

Terri H

I sat with Marc on a day when my mind was heavy and I was feeling overwhelmed with 2020 life. My reading itself was wonderful and gave me the clarity and fresh re-focus that was needed however, what made my experience so meaningful was how calming, thoughtful and wise Marc was. I have since told many about Marc’s work. He is the spiritual guide I never knew I needed. 

Jhon L

If you resonate with that feeling of merely "exisiting" and feel ready to take action, then I would highly suggest booking in for a free discovery call with me and let's chat about how to take the next step towards your goals!