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Intuitive Coaching

Intuitive Coaching

Working with a coach is an incredible investment, especially for self-employed businesses and Creatives. My Intuitive Coaching offers tools and strategies that can greatly impact your wellness, motivation, and intuition. Armed with these tools, the sky is the limit!

As an Intuitive Coach, I specialize in identifying patterns of behavior that fuel procrastination, negative self-talk, and stagnant energy. I help shift these energies and transform clients' perspectives, guiding them towards a clearer and more fulfilling path. Combining traditional Life Coaching techniques with Tarot and Astrology, I offer a unique strategy to unlock hidden depths and propel clients from mere "existence" to thriving.


I felt much closer with my inner artist by the end because Marc was able to assist me in taking the time and space to get to know her. Without Marc's intuitive style, I don't think I would have enjoyed the process half as much. As a newly diagnosed neurodivergent artist, I'm still learning what works for me and having someone who is responsive to my needs or aversion is a huge help in that respect. 

Amelie R

I really enjoyed working with Marc, I looked forward to all our sessions and they really gave me things to think about as I go through my week. Marc is so open and welcoming in the session and made me feel really safe to open up and be vulnerable. On reflection, I feel I’ve really opened my eyes to my potential.

Luke H

Every week Marc created a space for me to be so open about my thoughts and feelings, as well as helping me to approach my creative goals in a practical way. The 'intuitive' nature of the work was very freeing, and Marc has a very encouraging (as well as honest!) nature.

Raymie W

If you're tired of merely "existing" and crave meaningful action, it's time to take the next step. Book a free discovery call with me, and let's discuss how to propel you towards your goals. Let's unlock your potential together!

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