I am an Actor, Tarot Reader, Spiritual Candlemaker, and Intuitive Coach based in Scotland, UK.

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When looking for a tarot reader, you want someone who is willing to share space with you, but also get to the root of your query. As a Pisces, my reading style is informed by compassion and deep thinking. There's nothing vague about a Mercury Pothocare Tarot reading!

Having sat in Psychic circles in London and USA, and continuing to study the cards, you're in a safe space with me and my cards!


Come experience a reading with me and let me show you what's in the cards for you...


Lighting a candle should be a sacred spiritual experience. When you smell a Mercury Pothocare candle, it should invoke something in you - a memory, an ambition, a positive feeling.


At Mercury Pothocare, everything is handcrafted with Love and Pothocare. I love telling stories through scents and crafting using the highest quality, plant-based, non-toxic ingredients. 

Every candle tells a story - make Mercury Pothocare a part of yours.

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