When I work with spirit, I refer to myself as Mercury. Outside of spiritual work, my name is Marc. You can call me one, t'other, or both - I don't mind either way!

I am an Actor, Tarot Reader, Candlemaker, and Intuitive Coach based in Central Scotland. I take a lot of inspiration from my Celtic heritage in the Highlands and Islands of Scotland and infuse them into my work.

In the world of Astrology, I have a Sun in Pisces, with a Libra Rising and a Sagittarius Moon. That simply means that I approach the world from a place of deep truth, vulnerability, and adventure. I fight for those who have been wronged, and I love deep conversations about vast subjects. When you book a Tarot Reading with me, you can rest assured that you are in a safe space with me. Together, we will work to find strategies to fuel the next stage of your journey towards your goals, your destiny, and your highest good. 



"He may be the new kid on the block but he has the innate ability to understand how the cards work – and how to use them in an empowering way...Mercury Pothocare is building a reputation for intuitive talent and compassion."

- Theresa Reed, The Tarot Lady

(Tarot Reader, Author & Mentor)

Featured in The Tarot Lady's Blog "Talkin' Tarot"


I am relatively new to the world of Tarot but have come to dicover that I come from a long line of "spooky women" who were highly intuitive readers and secret practitioners. I also have family links to the Freemasons, where the modern Tarot was born. It feels like destiny that I discovered this gift and have been able to nurture it under great mentorship.


In my short time as a reader, I have made waves in the Tarot Community, both in the UK and across the pond in the USA & Canada. 

I like to think I use the Tarot in unique ways. In my acting career, I use a mixture of Tarot and Astrology to help give characters realistic depths of humanity and provide them with a journey to follow. This is a skill that I am developing in order to teach Actors and Creatives how to use the tools I have learned to help their work within the Performing Arts. If this interests you, register your interest here to be the first to know when my course becomes available.

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I started making candles after I graduated from drama school. I am a big advocate of self-care and I find candles to be a very easy way to change the entire mood of your space. I also have a very sensitive sense of smell, so I always love my space to smell inviting.

I only use essential oils in Mercury Pothocare products. Not only is it a much better scent, but essential oils don't contain the toxic, synthetic chemicals that many fragrance oils contain. You would be shocked at how many of your favourite "high end" candles feature fragrance oils containing carcinogens and chemicals that can trigger sinus infections. There's none of that here at Mercury Pothocare. My candles and gifts are vegan, toxic-free, and smell delicious. 

Don''t take my word for it though! Try one for yourself:

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