THE CARDS ALWAYS KNOW: A Cathartic Reflection on 2020 Using the Major Arcana


Every year just before New Year's Eve, I like to take a few moments to reflect on my year and take stock of what has happened in my life, both achievements and losses. This year is no exception, however, this year I have a new secret weapon to help my reflection -

my tarot cards.

I have become quite fascinated with combining numerology and the Major Arcana in tarot to look at key events that have shaped my 2020. I am no pro, so I may get this technically wrong, but I believe there are no mistakes when it comes to this sort of work. Using my numerology & tarot technique, I am going to analyse my year on a personal level, and also delve deeper into the Major Arcana to see what perspectives I may have missed or what extra information I could have taken from these key events of 2020.

So let's start at the very beginning (a very good place to start!)

Here we go:

NEW YEARS EVE 2019/2020:

Numerology - 19/10/1/6

Some Background:

This was my first New Years' Eve in London. Usually, I would be in Scotland and celebrating Hogmanay in Edinburgh or Glasgow with friends from home but, this year, I had an acting job starting in January so decided to stay put. It was a truly magical night because why wouldn't it be? Let me set the scene:

Prosecco bottles were popping. I was sat shuffling my recently discovered tarot cards, giving out unsolicited 3 card spreads to everyone (I have learned better since!). As midnight drew close, we turned on the TV to watch the televised coverage of New Year while rushing outside to watch the fireworks coming from Alexandra Palace. We danced, we laughed, we drank, and we welcomed in the New Year with the typical phrases we all throw around:

"This is our year!"

"New Year, New Me" (although I think this one was ironic because I particularly hate that phrase!)

In short, there was nothing that could have possibly predicted the anarchy we were all about to face. Or was there?

Numerology & Tarot:

Using the moment these two dates crossed paths (31st Dec 2019 & 1st Jan 2020) the numbers 19 & 6 make themselves known. So using the Major Arcana I can pull these cards:

19 - The Sun

6 - The Lovers

10 (1+9) - Wheel of Fortune

1 (1+0) - The Magician


When I see these cards together as a spread, it emulates exactly what the night was. It was joyful, full of love, full of positive mantras, and a truly magical night. However, now seeing Wheel of Fortune and The Magician, this feels like a clear indicator that there was going to be a big shakeup. Life was about to take a turn, and the elements of the earth were going to come together to take me down a path that would shake my inner child, my closest relationships, my life as I knew it. It looks as though The Magician is alerting me to my own realisation of my magickal practice that would come in September 2020.


Numerology - 12


Some Background:

I left London on 16th March and headed home to Scotland "for a week-long holiday to clear my head" after finishing an acting job and planning my next steps in my career. This phrase makes me laugh now because that one week became nearly 5 months - the longest I had been home since I lived there before University.

These 5 months will be etched into my brain forever because nothing could have prepared us for what was about to happen. In short, Our whole family contracted COVID-19, and for the most part, it was a terrible flu. I had no sense of smell or taste, I was bedbound for a couple of days, and showering around 4 times throughout the night because of the intense chills, but overall I wasn't too sick. I was taking ginger and turmeric tea and probiotics so I think that is what helped me through. My brother had it pretty badly but it cleared up within 20 days. The same goes for my mum, although hers was quite worse. My dad, however, was taken into hospital and was on a ventilator for 4 weeks.

Numerology & Tarot:

Using the numerology of the date that I went home, I can pull the following cards:

12 - The Hanged Man

3 (1+2) - The Empress


When I see these cards, I see a time of limbo and self-care. All any of us could do during this lockdown, especially while suffering from COVID ourselves, was wait. Wait for the virus to run its course. Wait for lockdown to end.

To combat my boredom and my illness, I did turn to a lot of herbal remedies and used my intuition to make sure I didn't get any worse. I was taking scalding hot baths with essential oils, I was drinking tonics and teas, I was cooking nutritious meals for the whole family. I was absolutely emulating The Empress so I am so glad she has made an appearance here. In terms of The Hanged Man, I see a lot of my dad's experience in the hospital and the dreams he had of being suspended in the air in a simulation. I see a lot of waiting for news, and a lot of guilt and shame coming into play. But what I think The Hanged Man is letting me know here is that I should be proud of my courage during this time. I think when my dad was at his worst, a lot of people starting planning for the worst, but I wasn't one of them. I wanted to see how it played out, and I wanted to take everything at the pace it was going. This is one of the high vibrational traits of The Hanged Man. He isn't living in the future or the past. He is very much in the moment, waiting for things to pan out.


Numerology - 10/14/15


Some Background:

When Dad was taken into hospital, nothing could have prepared us for the month we had in store for us. At first, they were just giving him extra oxygen to help support his breathing but in the space of 4 days, that very quickly escalated to the nurses putting him onto a ventilator. The last phonecall we had before he was sedated was basically a call to say his goodbyes should the ventilator not work and we had to have a funeral under lockdown regulations. This is not a conversation any child wants to experience with a parent.

Dad was one of the first patients admitted to our local hospital with COVID. It was so new for everyone. We were given daily updates from the hospital and were kept in the loop with every single treatment, every change of position Dad was turned to on the hospital bed, everything! The NHS in the UK is truly one of the most amazing institutions and without it, we would be absolutely lost.

I am not going to go into the ins and outs of his treatment - that would be a whole blog post in itself. But what I am absolutely thrilled to say is that my Dad is alive and well. He was able to get off the ventilator, and after some intense recuperation, he was home in May with normal lung capacity and has now made a full recovery. It truly is a miracle and we have our Health Service and everyone looking over him to thank for it.

Numerology & Tarot:

Through these 4 weeks, using the numerology of the day he was admitted to hospital, the day he was put on a ventilator, and the day he was discharged, I can pull the following cards:

10 - Wheel of Fortune

14 - Temperance

15 - The Devil

1 (1+0) - The Magician

5 (1+4) - The Hierophant

6 (1+5) - The Lovers


This is an almighty spread of cards, and accurately emulates the whirlwind of emotions and events we experienced through Dad's illness, whilst also fighting off the virus ourselves. The Wheel of Fortune tells me that there was always hope for his recovery and that nothing is set in stone in this life. This paired up with The Magician lets me know that the universe was working in my Dad's favour. All the good reiki, all the texts, calls, prayers that we received were working their magic and the universe was listening. I also find it very interesting that these two cards were destined to come up in 2020 from my New Year spread and perhaps, had I had been following numerology and tarot more closely from the start of the year, I could have seen these patterns forming. The Devil being present here talks to me about old wounds and raw emotions, but also about the dangers of keeping traumatic experiences close to the chest instead of talking about them. I feel like this being paired up with The Lovers is a call to therapy in 2021 to talk out this whole experience in its entirety and build new healthy relationships moving forward. The two cards, however, that really stand out to me during this time are the Temperance and The Hierophant. Temperance in all her wisdom lets me know that there were angels at play and that Dad was super protected. I used to call my angels out to him at night so I'm glad to see that acknowledgment. But this card also talks about being calm and not jumping to conclusions, which is the energy I felt deep down, amongst the madness. I also learned a lot from this experience, which turns me to The Hierophant. I am a strong believer that trauma can act as a gateway to new levels of knowledge, and this card tells me that this experience unlocked something in me. Perhaps this experience is one of the reasons that I am reading tarot and accessing higher vibrations.


Numerology - 19/13/12

Some Background:

When I say I am new to the tarot scene, I am not joking. Before 2020, I had been reading tarot for myself using a website and an app for approximately a year, but had never thought about the possibilities behind reading for others or turning it into a healing business. In September 2020, I reached out to a reader I knew in London, Pixie Carney, and asked for advice about how I could expand my practice. Since September 2020, I have been working as part of a Psychic Development Circle in London under Pixie who is now my mentor, and have also been networking and forming friendships in the US, Canada & across the globe thanks to Theresa Reed & the community of psychics, witches, and readers who have welcomed me with open arms.

In November, I launched a crowdfunding campaign to raise the funds to formally open my spiritual wellness business, Mercury Pothocare, and have never looked back. It has been a wild 2 months, but the future looks bright.

Numerology & Tarot:

Using the numerology of my first meeting with Pixie and the launching of Mercury Pothocare, I can pull the following cards:

19 - The Sun

13 - Death

12 - The Hanged Man