For 2021, I Release the "New Years Resolution"

For some people, the ritual behind setting New Years Resolutions serves as a great boost of motivation coming into the new year with structure. However, for others, it can be a great trigger of anxiety and shame. I am definitely part of the latter.

For years, I would set out my resolutions for the next year, and usually, they would revolve around a part of my life that was causing me to feel shame or anxiety: my weight, my goals, my future etc. It never came from a place of motivation or from a wanting to better myself. It felt more like a punishment for past failures, and an ultimatum to do better.

A resolution by its very definition is a firm and binary decision to do or not to do something, so there is little scope for slip-ups or setbacks. There is little scope for growth and learning. It calls upon our masculine energy but in a very mortal way. In my eyes perfection does not exist, therefore I feel setting Resolutions is redundant, because it feeds into perfectionism and "getting it right the first time."

That is why this year I will be turning to intentions to see me through 2021 and beyond.

A Resolution to me sounds like "This year, I must do X to be successful."

An Intention to me sounds like "This year, I am calling upon X,Y, and Z to strive towards my highest good."

Without sounding too dramatic, I believe that 2020 has been the year of my Spiritual Awakening. I have a much deeper understanding of my purpose on this earth and my primary role in my own life. Through deepening my spiritual practice, I am no stranger to setting an intention or two, and this has really sparked my curiosity about bringing this practice into my everyday world, too.

An intention is no less specific than a resolution, however, I feel like the act of intention setting comes from our divine feminine energy and doesn't strive for an answer, but instead, a pathway.

An intention aims towards something by many facets and asks you to choose a path. It is person-centered and also something we magickal folks are used to using in our practice. I even learned that intention is a word used in the medical community to describe "the healing process of a wound." If there is one aspect of my life I want my 2021 to focus on, it is healing. We are all coming out of 2020 with the collective trauma of a global pandemic, and being forced into isolation. We could do worse than to truly prioritise our mental health this year.

So what am I striving towards?

"This year I am calling upon my strength, my healing, and my curiosity to strive towards my highest good."

I am wishing you the safest entry into 2021, and am sending lots of Love and Pothocare your way - as well as power and strength - for a new year, and a new intention towards your highest good 🙏🏻

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