The Year of The Lovers (VI): Working with the number 6 in 2022.

2022 is considered a 6 year in numerology (2+0+2+2 = 6). In the Major Arcana in the Tarot, the number 6 corresponds to card 6 (VI) - The Lovers. Therefore, it can be said that 2022 is The Year of the Lovers.

What does The Year of the Lovers mean for us? Well, The Lovers is a card of embrace, acceptance, attraction, and overcoming obstacles. After 2021, I'm sure it will be a welcome card to many of us. In 2020 (Year of the Emperor), the energies of the year saw us experiencing a lot of changes regarding the structure of our lives and how many governments struggle with the response to a global pandemic. In 2021 (Year of the Hierophant), the energies of the year were more focused on teaching us big lessons about ourselves, and how to cope through unconventional times. The energies of this year are a lot kinder, and we may start the journey towards healing. It is less about frantically adjusting to new rules and regulations, but embracing positive change after a couple of years of deep challenges.

In order to take advantage of this year, we can look to the 6 of each suit in the Tarot for guidance in how to embrace the energies of The Lovers:

Major Arcana

The Lovers (VI) - Card of the Year

The Devil (XV) - Shadow Card of the Year (15=1+5=6)

Minor Arcana

6 of Wands - Fire Energy

6 of Cups - Water Energy

6 of Swords - Air Energy

6 of Pentacles - Earth Energy


Many people read The Lovers in Tarot as an outward love towards the people that you cherish. Although this is a valid reading, I like to look at the couple in The Lovers as the union of the Divine Masculine and the Divine Feminine within ourselves. 2022 is the perfect year to embrace the wholeness of the self.

Divine Masculine vs Divine Feminine

Regardless of how you identify, everyone has Divine Masculine traits and Divine Feminine traits. Most people lean towards one over the other, but the goal is to balance the scales.

Some examples of Divine Masculine traits include:

Action, Firmness, Survival, Sense of Adventure, Strength, Rationality.

Some examples of Divine Feminine traits include:

Patience, Nurturing, Intuition, Wisdom, Healing, and flexibility

The partnership of the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine within the self helps to create wholeness. For example, it is absolutely possible to be both assertive and kind, as it is possible to be both ambitious and vulnerable. One big way to work with The Lovers in 2022 could be to notice what qualities make up your personalities and notice whether they lean more towards the Divine Masculine or the Divine Feminine. What steps can you take to balance those scales within yourself this year?


Following on from the idea of "wholeness," another way we can work with the number 6 this year is to look at the Shadow Card of the year, which is The Devil.

This card in the Tarot often scares people, especially those who grew up within organised religion because we are taught that the concept of The Devil is inherently evil. Personally, I believe that we all have the capacity to play the Devil in our own lives, and this potential lays dormant in us all. We "feed the beast" when are not feeling whole within ourselves. It is at these moments of sabotage that we look for relationships of convenience, either human or substance. When we deny a part of ourselves, we use these vices to fill the void. Our vices, however, can only fulfill short-term pleasure.

With The Devil (XV) as a shadow card of the year, it is important to be vigilant of toxic behaviours within our lives and the situations that trigger them. Without proper focus and management, there is a potential to fall victim to short-term pleasure. The shackles can be tight and constricting, but these shackles are created by us and they can be unlocked and slipped off at our own choosing. It's a conscious choice - often an incredibly difficult choice, however. If you are struggling with addictive behaviours, 2022 is the year to ask for help. If you are finding it difficult to release yourself from situations you feel bound by, 2022 is the year to ask for help. These patterns will continue to circle back time and time again if nothing changes. Working with this powerful Devil card is to notice and change those cycles of toxicity and addiction.


The suit of wands corresponds to fire energy. When wands show up in a reading, they are asking us to connect to the fire within us, and our inner spark of creativity. Like all fires, it is important to know how much is safe before it becomes a blazing inferno that cannot be controlled. Balance is key.

The message coming from the 6 of Wands for 2022 is simple:

"No human is an island."

Stepping out of the battle of the 5 of wands, the 6 of wands is a step beyond competition and a step closer to victory, and 2022 is the perfect time to put your energy not only into the journey ahead but also into the people who have made success possible for you. Don't be so focused on what success looks like for yourself that you forget that you have the capacity to be a key support figure for other people's success, too.

Here are some practical ways to embrace the 6 of Wands in 2022:

  • Keep regular contact with people that inspire you. This could be a mentor, a family member, or even a more distant relationship like an author. If you don't have mentors/friends/colleagues that inspire you, this is the year to find those people and create a trusted inner circle.

  • Show up for yourself with courage this year. If there is something you want to tick off the bucket list, take that leap of faith for yourself.

  • Leave the past behind you. Striving forward doesn't leave too much room for past mistakes. Accept, Release, and move forward.

  • Embrace spontaneity.


The suit of cups corresponds to water energy. When cups show up in a reading, they are asking for us to connect to our emotions - both positive and negative - and to tap into our strength within vulnerability. The key with the cups is to notice patterns within our emotions as signals for action instead of using them as weapons.

The message coming from the 6 of Cups for 2022 is:

"Kindness is key."

Kindness is complex. To do the kind thing is to do the right thing, not the easy thing. Treating yourself with kindness is to do right by yourself, even if it is not what others see for you. If you are not living the life that you desire, try hard to avoid blaming others for your situation. Instead, be your own solution by tapping into your emotions and your intuition. Be vulnerable enough to have difficult conversations that lead to productivity. This isn't always possible, but it is something wonderful to strive for. A key part of being kind to yourself is to equally receive as much as you give. When you block the kindness of others, you deny yourself the flow of energy between people. Allow others to help you if it comes from a genuine place. This is a year to fulfill your emotional aspirations and goals. They say that "home is where the heart is," so follow your heart in 2022.

Here are some practical ways to embrace the 6 of Cups in 2022:

  • Tap into your vulnerability.

  • Allow yourself to be nostalgic. If there are places you want to revisit, or new memories to be made in historic locations, this is the year to do it.

  • Support others, and allow others to support you. I am a big believer that "one small act of kindness sparks another."

  • Be confident to embrace the wholeness of yourself. Hold your head high.


The suit of swords corresponds to air energy. When swords show up in a reading, they are asking for us to connect to our logic and communication. The key with the swords is to overcome challenges through a structured approach.

The message coming from the 6 of Swords for 2022 is:

"Turn your dreams into reality."

Every great thing starts as a dream. In order to make a dream a reality, you need to craft a plan that moves you closer to your goals. Putting a structure in place doesn't guarantee speed. It does, however, provide a framework to relieve stress and track results. 2022 is the perfect year to start setting your goals and journeying towards your dreams. In order to make this achievable, look after your mental health & spiritual practice to create unshakeable and healthy boundaries. A stable boat seldom rocks, even in the roughest of waves.

Here are some practical ways to embrace the 6 of Cups in 2022:

  • Invest in a journal, a diary, and a planner (either physical or virtual)

  • Set Goals for 2022, and bitesize steps to achieve them.

  • Practice boundaries. This can be as simple as writing a mantra for yourself stating what you are willing and unwilling to do.

  • Avoid apologetic body language and putting yourself down in conversation. Talk yourself up and be open to networking opportunities.


The suit of pentacles corresponds to earth energy. When pentacles show up in a reading, they are asking for us to connect to what we physically have at our disposal. The key with the pentacles is to take stock of our resources and invest them wisely.

The message coming from the 6 of Pentacles for 2022 is:

"If you can, do!"

One small act of kindness sparks another. 2022 is the perfect opportunity to invest in the self, especially in areas where you feel a lack, and allow progress to take place. Balance is key, so focus your resources, your time, and your energy on creating balance within your life. Avoid situations where you always give your time and energy without being open to receiving the time and energy of others in return. Taking without creating opportunities to give back is also something to avoid. If you are able to do something, do it to the best of your ability. Invest in your skills, invest in your energy, and take time to rest!

Here are some practical ways to embrace the 6 of Pentacles in 2022:

  • Pay it forward - a cup of coffee, a meal, donating to food banks. What goes around comes around.

  • Find a local charity to support.

  • Create a wellness routine to recharge your energy.

  • Invest in a new skill or take a new course that will progress you forward in your career

I hope that 2022 is a prosperous year for you, and I hope you embrace the Year of The Lovers. If you would like to find out more about what 2022 looks like for you, book in for my Spiritual Forecast Reading (available January only!)

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