4 Bathing Salts Hacks for your Self-Care Routine

Updated: Apr 21, 2021

When you use any Mercury Pothocare product, you should feel like you are treating yourself to a magical spa treatment from the comfort of your own home. Our Bathing Salts are one of our self-care best sellers and are made with Love and Pothocare to invoke healing within you and provide peace and protection around your home.

Self-care is a deeply personal act. Of course, you can use these Bathing Salts as part of a relaxing ritual bath, but these salts are versatile! I have come up with 4 creative ways to get the best out of our Bathing Salts - whether you're just not a bath person, or you're looking for new ways to use them. Check them out below:


Some people hang Eucalyptus around the showerhead, so why not try using Mercury Pothocare Bathing Salts as your own bespoke aromatherapy experience?

Take any drawstring bag you might have around the house (organza, cotton, linen, etc) and fill it up with either our calming Celtic Bathing Salts or our aromatic Divine Protection Bathing Salts, and hang it around the showerhead.

The steam from your shower will release the scent of the essential oils and herbs used to create our salts and provide you with a therapy treatment from the comfort of your own shower. You can even compliment this aromatherapeutic experience by pairing your chosen salt with our EXPRESSION or INTUITION candle, available in the Mercury Pothocare Spiritual Shop.

What a way to start your day! My friend Silver uses this technique, and has enjoyed the results!



Speaking of drawstring bags, why not try hanging up your Bathing Salts in your closet! Sometimes our clothing needs a little bit of TLC aroma-wise, and there's nothing better than the smell of clean clothes. I know some people use a similar technique with fabric softener pearls, so consider this your healthier alternative for that technique. These salts might just be the solution to keep your clothes smelling fresher for longer. Give it a try!

While you are at it, why not try and tuck some Bathing Salt bags into the bottom of dressers and underwear drawers. Imagine opening the dresser to the scent of essential oils and herbs. Sounds perfect to me!



I love using my bath salts as a ritual soak, but sometimes I wish there was a longer-term solution to benefit from the aroma. Guess what? There is!

My Grandmother inspired me to try her "Scent Bowl" idea:

  • Get a Decorative Bowl that matches your bathroom decor

  • Pour your Mercury Pothocare Bathing Salts into the bowl

  • Proudly show off your Scent Bowl to the world!

My Granny loves her "smellies" and she was very proud of her creation. She simply poured the Bathing Salts she purchased into a decorative bowl and placed it into her bathroom. This way, she can still take advantage of the scent when there is steam from the shower or bath, and it is also incredibly welcoming for visitors. There is nothing nicer than a freshly scented bathroom, and these salts pack an aromatic punch.

Your Scent Bowl would also be perfect in a hallway, Kitchen, Lounge, anywhere really!

I'd love to see where you try your Scent Bowls - tag me on Instagram @mercurypothocare (feel free to follow me too!)



I love Potpourri. I feel like it deserves a comeback, so here is an incredibly easy way to make your house smell delicious from the comfort of your kitchen.

All you will need is a pan filled with water. Bring the water to a boil on the stove, and then turn the heat down to the lowest setting. Pour your Mercury Pothocare Bathing Salts into the pan and stir a couple of times to dissolve and then leave to simmer*. It's really as easy as that!

Continue to top up the water as needed, and when finished, simply discard any excess water into the sink.

*For Fire-safety reasons, don't leave a pan of water unattended or out of sight. This is supposed to be a healing experience!


Try out these ideas in your own home and add some budget-friendly aromatherapy into your life and into your space. You can find both Celtic Bathing Salts & Divine Protection Bathing Salts in my Spiritual Shop on my website - www.mercurypothocare.co.uk.

Grab yours today!

Sending you all a lot of Love and Pothocare,

Mercury x

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