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When you book a Chakra Candle Reading, I will use my unique Chakra Tarot spread to tap into all seven of the major chakra points and see where in your life you are imbalanced. I will offer guidance and insight into some areas to work on to help you achieve balance again.

What I will also do, however, is use the insights from the Tarot to create a bespoke handcrafted candle made specifically for you, in accordance with the Chakras that need to biggest boost. This is a personal aromatherapy candle that can be lit in your house to help you tune in with what your body needs most.

This is a unique service and is perfect for gifts, self-care, and spiritual hygiene.

Book in today and experience it for yourself*:

*Clients based outside of the UK should note that shipping for your personalised candle has been included in the price of the reading below.

Nothing to book right now. Check back soon.
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